What are your hours?

Summer Hours 10 am to 6 pm M, T, Th, F, Sat & Sun, weather allowing


Spring & Fall Hours vary


Base rates are $35/rider weekdays & $40 weekends & holidays

Click here for details

Do you have age requirements?

Pine River Stables allows children 8 years old or older to ride a horse. A child must be able to understand and quickly respond to directional cues to be kept safe on the trail.  There is no riding double with your child and there are no exceptions to the minimum age requirement. For children 8 yrs and younger, we do offer hand lead pony rides.

Do you require helmets?

Riding horses can lead to serious injury & death. Insurance companies feel head injuries are the most prevalent. We STRONGLY recommend that everyone wear a Certified by SEI to ASTM helmet with them for their horseback riding experience. However, it is your noggin. Please protect it as you see fit.

Do you provide helmets?

We do limited number of helmets available to rent. However, keep in mind they are extremely hard to sanitize between riders. Also, each helmet must be custom fitted to a rider. We DO recommend that everyone bring a Certified by SEI to ASTM helmet with them for their horseback riding experience. *NO HELMET AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME DUE TO COVID19 & ADDITIONAL SANITATION STANDARDS. IF YOU CHOOSE TO WEAR A HELMET, PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN. *

Do you have weight restrictions?

No. We have horses that can handle up to 350 lbs, but a rider must have the physical ability be able to mount and dismount without assistance from the ground. We do not provide any steps or mounting blocks. (If you can take the steps 2 at a time, you’ll be fine.)

*We are happy to give young kids boost.

Can I pick my own horse?

No, a Pine River staff will choose your mount for you. Each horse rider combination is selected based on your proceived riding experience and/or ability.

Can we go fast?

All of our rides are geared towards a quite stroll through the woods to enjoy nature. Most rides are walk only. If the outrider deems the whole group demonstrates the required skill set, they have the option to increase the pace. If you are looking to just come and run/go fast, please visit another stable.

Does someone go with us?

Yes, All rides are guided by a Pine River Stables staff member regardless of riding experience. This is required by insurance and allows us to be sure the ride is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

What to bring?

As horseback riding in Michigan can always be interesting. We recommend riders wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Tennis shoes are the minimum. NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS! Also, feel free to bring some bug spray and long sleeved shirts as mesquites are part of the great outdoor experience. Epi pens are encouraged for anyone with bee allergies too.

What not to bring?

You are only out for an hour. Leave your cellphones behind and enjoy nature. Your outrider can take pictures and text them to you. No water bottles, purses/backpacks, go-pros/video cameras, selfie sticks or shirts tied around your waist will be allowed on the trail.

Phones, camera, wallet & keys in pockets….

We know you like to have pictures. Leave your phone behind and let your outrider take pics for you & text them to you. No your Snapchat won’t be up to minute, but you’ll be able to enjoy quiet time on a horse in the woods. If you must take your cellphone secure your phone with an armband or in a shirt/cargo pocket. (Please turn your phone to silent! The world will not end because you missed a call or text. You need to be able to concentrate on controlling your horse and be considerate to other riders.) Things in back pockets get lost. Leave your wallet & purse in the car, your car keys at the stable office. Pine River Stables is not responsible for any items lost on the trail and they will stay on the trail.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Visa, Master Card, Amer Ex, & Discover.

Where to find out about weather closings?

If the weather looks iffy, please call us at 586-894-2756 for up to the minute weather closing. We also post to facebook all closing for inclement weather.

Where are you located?

1200 Stein Rd. St. Clair, MI 48079 

We are off of I-94 and the Wadhams Rd exit.

30 minutes from Chesterfield, 45 min from St. Clair Shores

Do you require reservations?

Pine River Stables doe not require reservations. We gladly accept walk up riders. However we are offering a reserved ride and private rides.

Spring Voucher riders must make a reservation 48 hrs in advance via the link provided in email or text. You will not be accepted as walk ups. Your reservation is a tentative departure time as we are still 1st come 1st serve facility. 

Can I do a private ride?

Pine River Stables now offering private rides. Click here for details.

Why do reservations & private rides cost more?

When you schedule a ride, we endeavor to have you depart at your scheduled time. This means that we might have to hold horses/outriders back for an hour to accommodate your departure. If we are holding animals back, that means their are other customers are waiting. Some times they choose not to ride verse having to wait. That is lost revenue and horses are expensive to feed & care for 365 days a year.

How often do rides go out?

We do not have a set times for rides to depart. Rides are sent out as riders arrive and wranglers/horses are available. You will often go out as a large group of small parties. Please note, all rides are 1st come 1st serve. Just because you don’t see a line, does not mean that there are not riders ahead of you.

Ride sizes?

Our ride sizes vary. We love doing small groups, but sometimes the logistics just don’t work. Sometimes we need to combine several small groups. This means there can be 1-15 horses on your ride.

If you are concerned about ride sizes, please schedule a private ride. Then it is just your party on the ride with our outrider.

Do you do private parties?

Pine River Stables does do private parties for large groups. Please contact us directly so that we can create an individual event for your needs.

Are you open year around? Do you have winter rides?

No, we are seasonal. We ride from when the trails dry in the Spring till the snow flies in the fall.

Do we need to tip our wrangler?

Tipping isn’t required. Tips are something that you feel the wrangler deserves. Please remember it isn’t easy keeping you and your loved ones safe on horseback and our wranglers work hard to make sure you have an enjoyable time.

Question not answered?

Please contact Pine River Stables