Riding Waiver

Pine River Stables now requires riding waivers. The lawyers and insurance companies finally figured out that we were having fun without them. Thus all riders are required to sign a waiver prior to interacting with any of the horses.

Please feel free to fill out a waiver and bring it with you to speed up the check in process.

The below link will  take you right to our waiver. Please be sure to sign, initial and check all highlighted areas.

Pine River Stables Riding Waiver – All Riders.       Click here

We are NOT providing any helmets at this time due to COVID. If you choose to wear a helmet,  you MUST provide your own.

All riders under the age of 18 are required to have a waiver AND emergency release form signed by a parent or legal guardian. We understand that some parents don’t come ride with their children as they enter their teen years. Thus we have provided an online copy of the waiver that you as the guardian can print, fill out and send with your child.

All riders 17 & under coming without parent/guardian present please print the Riding waiver & Emergency Release Form below

Emergency Release Form – Please fill out for riders under age of 18 not accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Thank you,

The Pine River Family