Pine River Stables has a beautiful horse boarding operation. You won’t have to look any further to find the perfectly safe, quiet, and kind place to stable your horse. Pine River Stables offers inside and outside boarding for your convenience. Your horse will be able to relax in its nice, clean and roomy stall while you make new equestrian friends. This barn sits on 200+ acres of gully land for your riding pleasure.

Boarders have access to our indoor arena (50’x80′), full-size outdoor rodeo arena, outside wash rack and acres and acres of wooded trails.

This is a wonderful location for those looking for companionship on the trail or in a sport. Beyond trail riding, there is also mounted shooting practice, and quality summer shows (most are open to boarders) like gymkhana, local association shows, and rodeos. There is also western horse training.

This is a wonderful family farm where you rest assured your animal is safe in our experienced hands.

We offer two types of boarding Outdoor and Indoor.


All horses live outside in small herds in one of our large pastures. They have lots of room to graze, shelter and a fresh pond for drinking. This is the life for many animals. When grazing becomes low we supplement our pastures with our personally grown hay too.


We believe in keeping horses healthy by letting them be horses. Horses are all turned out to pasture from spring to fall full time. During really foul weather and the winter months, we bring the horses into our spacious barn, but you have your stall year around.

Horses inside bed down on a thick layer of straw. All horses are fed, watered and turned out twice daily. (We do not provide water in stalls as it is a severe safety issue of legs in buckets.)

We have 23 stalls on the property but currently have a waiting list for lease. 


We do not charge for graining your animal. Also, you have the luxury of having the riding stables on premises, so no more excuses of why you can’t ride with your friends. You can rent a horse for them and ride your own horse on the trails making summertime memories.

If you are interested in more details or getting on the waiting list for boarding, please call 810-329-2968.