Custom Kill Hormone Free Beef

Raised on a small, family-run farm in St. Clair, MI, our grass-fed beef puts grocery store beef to shame!

Our beef is raised on Pine River Stables in southeast Michigan using sustainable and healthy farming practices. Our sustainable farming methods are not only better for the cattle but are also better for the environment. These practices help us in producing happy beef and quality meat.

Our cattle are raised without any steroids, or hormones. They only receive antibiotics when actually sick. They are pastured in fields with no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. Pine River Stables is not certified organic, but we practice the healthiest farming possible.

We use sustainable farming methods, this means happier cows, a healthier environment, and better meat. We obtain better cattle by using pasture rotation, upholding animal welfare, respecting the environment and more.

Finally, we only grow Angus beef. Pine River Stables raises Angus cattle, a breed that is perfectly suited for grass-fed beef. These characteristics help us produce the highest quality grass fed beef possible.

Many of our cattle receive 90 days supplemented locally raised corn, but consumers can reserve a 100% grass fed beef.

Why corn? Many people are currently very worried about corn fed cows. Please remember our cows only receive a SUPPLEMENT of locally grown corn the last 90 days of life while still on pasture. The corn creates fat in the cow and will increase the marbling of the meat. Many individuals like minimal added fat for a better flavored cow.

Pine River Stables cattle are ready at 800-1200olbs. Consumers can purchase a full cow or a half of beef. Current rate* is $2.50/lbs hanging weight plus a small processing fee. You work directly with the butcher on how you want the meat cut and packaged. Please contact the Pine River Stables to reserve your beef today.

*Rate is subject to change without notice.

2014 beef- SOLD OUT We are now accepting pre-orders of 2015.