Team Penning Announcement

Pine River Stables would like to put say a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who came out for the MI Little Britches Rodeo and the 50/50 Team Penning. We were able to raise close to $600 for this amazing association.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the Team Penning Event. 1st place took home a vacation from Rambling Discounts and $300 cash. Second took home $180 and Third a  $120. We hope that covered your fuel bill and entry fees. (lol) For those that didn’t get to go home with the prize money, thank you for coming out to run and you ran a great game. As one of the great cutters once told me, “As slow as you can go is too fast.” Those are words to always remember when working a cow. And that is a principle our winners followed throughout the night.

Finally, we would like to extend a huge apology to the confusion about winners at the end of the night. The issue was locally the game is run fastest time overall wins and that is how we tallied the numbers. Unfortunately, there is a national rule that directly differs with that.  “A team may call for time with only one or two assigned cattle penned. However, teams Penning three head place higher than two or one, regardless of the time. In a multiple go-round contest, in the event that teams pen their cattle in only one go-round, the fastest time wins, regardless of which go-round. In a multiple go-round contest, the teams that pen in each go-round will beat teams that fail to pen in a go-round, regardless of the number of cattle penned or time. For example: Times in 3 go-rounds beat times in 2 go-rounds; times in 2 go-rounds beat times in 1 go-round; and times in 1 go-round beat a “no-time.”” As the issue was brought up, show management chose to follow national rules.  (We do understand that this rule is wrote for traditional team penning of 3 people on 3 cows, but we try to follow the USTPA’s rules as closely as possible.) This rule has been better clarified within our rules and shall be enforced at all future shows.  Again sorry for the confusion and thank you for being so understanding. We work hard at providing a clean fun event for the whole family.

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing you on July 9th at Goodell’s Fairgrounds for another charity team penning put on by the St. Clair County Farm Museum.



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